Signages have emerged to be a ubiquitous branding tactic around us. Today, we can spot numerous forms of signages around us, which either aim at communicating a brand's name with us or a specific message via its logo.

The signage companies in Melbourne have become an essential part of businesses in Australia. They have got a free canvas to themselves and their brand to place its logo at spots, where they can be seen and recognised by their potential customers.

Signages can be defined as any kind of graphic display that are intended to convey information to an audience.

Although signages come with a few obvious purposes and advantages, let's list down a few of them.

A few common purposes of signages is to promote, identify, offer information, give directions, or to raise safety awareness. Let's expand their usage:

Enticing Customers

If done correctly, shop signs and retail signs can attract customers to a company or a brand. Window displays can effectively create curiosity and encourage customers to draw them into the shop. Putting up signages will help in letting the people be assured of being at the right place.


Frequently seen signs help the individuals to identify or recognise a place or a brand. For example, businesses make use of some creative signages for people identifying which restroom to use. Coca Cola and Starbucks are two brands that are utilising signages in the best way possible to build brand recognition.

Advertising and Marketing

The primary usage of signs is for marketing and advertising a brand, company or an organisation. When talking about signages, advertising hoardings might be the obvious solutions. But, other signs can also be used for this purpose.


Not all the signages are aimed with a message of being directional, wayfinding, or for health and safety. Many a time, signs may also be used to simply enhance the overall appearance of a space or its surroundings. You can spot numerous construction signage in Sydney that's created using murals with no objectives of advertising.

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