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Tower crane signage is just as the name denotes – quite literally using a crane as advertisement. This can even be paired with digital and other forms of signage with relative ease. One will literally be able to see the signs many miles away because of the height factor as well as illuminating light. Now this has been employed by many services across Sydney and Melbourne and has shown a significant level of success.

The mark of a proper tower crane signage is that the effect of the sign on crane movement should be minimal, thus guaranteeing complete and total safety in every possible way. A thorough framework along with a light weight consisting of a minuscule level of depth/thickness should be the ideal place for most people to start.

Tower Crane Signage Melbourne, Sydney in Australia

In the case of tower crane signage, things are slightly different as there are various other aspects to keep an eye out for, which is not the case with other forms of signage. Unlike other such services, we have a rare degree of expertise in this matter and we employ the best quality fabricated aluminium framework that there is. This is to ensure that your project starts with a resounding bang and that the grit and determination level of our employees with regard to maximum project completion is at an absolute peak.

Furthermore, we also make it a point to work with various commercial builders that help a great deal in delivering a truly standout result. With the latest technologies and a high-quality finish job, you are bound to be left with a long lasting investment that will broaden your horizons in every possible way. From start to finish, our sole purpose is to provide you with a seamless service.

World Advertising supplies Tower Crane Signage & Tower Crane Signs. We provide a complete end to end service scaling from design, consultation, manufacture, engineering installation and removal services. This is throughout the term of use of your Tower Crane Signage, to give a seamless service from start to finish.

Tower Crane Signage using fabricated aluminium framework, with the option of colour matching to crane framework, the use LED Modules, LED Neon or Glass Neon options and large graphics to advertise your company, project, developer or client.

Illuminated Tower Crane Signage is a best way to make your mark on your project, with a wide audience from all walks of life.

Working with many commercial builders in delivering standout results, using the latest technologies in LED & Waterproof Electrical products, to ensure a high quality finish, and a long lasting investment available in several different styles, including those new to the Australian Market.

World Advertising also provide a complete design, consultation, manufacture, installation and removal service throughout the term of use of your Tower Crane Signage, to give a seamless service from start to finish.

Create Project Awareness….Create Competitors Awareness…Create Public Awareness, make your Tower Crane Signage help build your business brand today!

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More than half Melbourne's construction cranes fill suburban skylines

More than half the city's cranes are swinging over the suburbs as the high-rise development boom takes hold beyond the CBD. The most recent crane census by planning website Urban Melbourne found 63 cranes outside central and inner-city areas. That is almost 60% of the total crane population.


The company has a crane at a 16-storey high-rise in Glen Waverley and others in Mitcham and Vermont. Other crane companies report they are operating as far out as Edithvale and Rowville. 

Almost 80 per cent of cranes in the outer suburbs are working on residential projects, as opposed to commercial buildings, according to Urban Melbourne’s July data.

Global construction company Rider Levett Bucknall also conducts a crane count, and in March reported that the number of residential crane jobs in Melbourne had jumped from 51 per cent to 70 per cent in just the space of six months. 

Melbourne’s seemingly insatiable appetite for apartments is no better illustrated by Bruce Street, in Box Hill, where a nine-floor apartment building is under construction.

From the top of Central Gardens, 20 kilometres from the hustle and bustle of the city, the CBD’s grand skyscrapers look like Lego-sized mirages on the horizon. But in the past few years this leafy neighbourhood has been changing dramatically.

Shiny new apartment developments have begun to dominate a street once conquered by near-identical brick homes, with brown-tiled roofs and Hills Hoists in the backyard.

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