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What does it take for a brand to become known? Is it the product or service that makes a difference or is it the customer journey that counts? Yes, those things are essential for a brand to shine through the competition, however one thing that will really set your brand apart is the way your market it.

When it comes to showcasing your brand to an audience, there’s nothing better than some good old signage. World Advertising has established itself as a name for high quality signage in Melbourne. With over four decades of experience, we know what it takes to create the kind of signage Melbourne businesses want.

With Melbourne as the nerve centre of our operations, we can service businesses all over Australia. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities ensure the finished sign turns out exactly the way you envisioned and your brand gets the attention that it deserves. World Advertising is the name to trust for all your Signage Melbourne requirements.

Why to Choose Signage Expert?

When it’s your brand’s image on the line you would go to any lengths to promote it. Let World Advertising make things simpler for you. Having been in the business since the 70’s we have seen marketing trends come and go, but the one constant has always been signage. At World Advertising we are Signage Melbourne experts and know the intricacies of a well placed brand sign.

Having worked with some of the best brands in the world, we know how signage can transform any business into a profit making venture in no time. Our specialist Signage Melbourne team includes Project Managers, Site Surveyors, Designers and Creative Heads who will plan your signage in such a way that it leverages your business for increased growth and revenue.

With our experience we have gained expertise in various forms of signages including Tower Crane Signage, Hoardings, Banners, Jump Form and Illuminated signage. All our work comes under the Australian Building Code and the materials used are as per the highest Australian standards. With World Advertising as your signage solutions provider, you can sit back and enjoy the profits as your sign goes to work. Choosing a Signage Melbourne Expert has been made really easy by World Advertising. Partner with us and take your brand to new heights.

World Advertising is the complete Signage Melbourne Specialists. Since its origins in 1970, World Advertising prides itself on being a complete signage manufacturing supplier, involving a team that includes designers, site surveyors, project managers & creative agents. All personnel work collaboratively to ensure the best possible signage solutions for all retail, commercial, industrial & corporate divisions for your Signage requirements.

Our head office & manufacturing facilities are located in Melbourne, next to the Melbourne International Airport, we have the facilities to manufacture and install all over the country with our services stemming as far as Germany, the UAE and New Zealand.

World Advertising also has a presence nationally with project managers & installers that are able to readily assist you – whatever your needs. In line with our growth strategy, we are pleased to announce that World Advertising Australia has offices in the United Arab Emirates, and China, in order to serve our clients better, and looking into constant expansion looking ahead. We deliver, manufacture & supply Signage Melbourne.

World Advertising – The Complete Signage Specialists


Tower Crane Signage using fabricated aluminium framework, with the option of colour matching to crane framework. For this product please contact us.
Hoarding signs play a key role in contributing to any successful development – offering companies an opportunity to promote their brand

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Corflute, Composite Panel or Vinyl Lettering are 3 ways to produce cost effective, Short Term Signage to get your short term message out to the world
Using the Latest HP Grand Format Printers, we can produce any size banner using heavyweight PVC Materials from Avery Dennison.

We work closely with a wide range of clients

Jumpforms are a great way to promote your business as a builder, developer, or a team member of the project in any capacity.
LED, Traditional Glass Neon, Lightboxes, 3D Lettering, LED Neon – we’ve got it all covered! For this product please contact us.

World Advertising is the complete Signage Melbourne Specialists.